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Welcome! (But still in development)

Hi! My name is Michiel Leunens and welcome to my very own website. This site will serve as my online portfolio portrayed with some information about myself as well. I've got everything covered, from my work to my bio as well. Enjoy!

Leunes Media©

One of the reasons of why I'm made this site, is because I wanted to promote my own hobby a bit more. I'm a photographer, film editor, I code and do a lot of other stuff as well. That's why I, upon the advice of my friends, brought all these hobbies under one logo, namely Leunes Media. You can find more info right here.

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HoGent Student!

I study Applied Computer Sciences at Hogeschool Gent. Technology truly is a passion of mine, and thus with the knowledge I've gathered so far, I've made my very own website. I still have a lot to learn though, so perhaps I can update this in the future with some new stuff!


Then click here to lean more about my work.

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